Wednesday, April 8, 2015

My April Fool Made Me Proud

We are a silly family.  We don’t take ourselves too seriously and enjoy acting like giant goofballs on a regular basis.  Like that time we gave a special gift to our only daughter, a birthday pie in the face.

Because we act a fool on a day to day basis, we have never invested much time in April Fool’s Day.  But this year Taylor has taken an interest in keeping a calendar for herself and marking out the days.  Plus, we have a Highlights subscription which gave her a few great ideas.

In March, Taylor began mentioning that she was going to be planning something for April Fool’s Day.  I asked once “Are they appropriate?” and she assured me that everything would be okay.  The part of me that likes to control and plan all the details of our life was throwing a fit.  But I think part of raising a good grown up is to trust her word and her point of view right now- even if it possibly meant opening myself up to the risk of being an April Fool. So I had to let go of managing the day and let her do this.

She started making a list of what each prank would require  And then she split it up into which stores we would likely find each item.  Since I typically shop at both Aldi and Wal-Mart on a weekly basis to get the best deals, it was adorable to see her format her prank list after my grocery list.  I’ve also seen her make a list of “Lists I can make.”   This list-maker was pretty impressed.  

The night before prank-day we ended up being out later than anticipated and she was tired.  But she is dedicated!  And she ended up staying up and slaving in the kitchen to get things ready for the next morning.  Even though she was running on not much sleep, she popped right up on April Fool's morning and was ready for the big reveal.

So we ended up getting faux sponge cake:

Or would this classify as a real sponge cake?

Then a glass of “fruit punch” that was impossible to drink:


Then Taylor and I got together and pulled a prank on Luke and offered him his favorite cereal for breakfast:

But we poured it the night before and FROZE it!

Luke took one for the team and drank prank salt water.  And then she covered the top of the salt shaker on the inside with plastic wrap so we ended up shaking the salt to no avail.  She's tricky!

And then the biggest prank of all: My best friend Melissa, my husband and my daughter all conspired to give me the best April Fool’s prank of all- a surprise visit from Melissa who lives in Alaska!  I had NO idea!

All in all, our April Fool’s Day was one for the books!  And it was another example (in a growing stack of examples) that my little munchkin is growing into a fun-loving, responsible planner who just needs a little space in order to shine.  

*The middle 3 pictures are from Google.  I was enjoying the pranks so much, I forgot to document them!